1) If you’re completely new to band & guard, please ensure you watch the New Member video presentation below

2) All (new AND returning) band & guard families should use the checklist below to get off to a great start to the season, and help keep you on track!

  • a) Items in red are actually links – click on them to access supporting information/forms/webpages etc.
  • b) Note that events on this list are to give you an idea of a ‘typical’ run up to marching season. Things can and do change and will be communicated accordingly.
  • c) Quick tip – don’t try and jump ahead! – many things are not possible to do ahead of time. As long as March tasks are successfully completed, families will be on our distribution/communications lists and be able to access all relevant information.


Watch new member video presentation and attend new member Q&A session

*** After the new member meeting ***

STEP 1: Submit Your Form

STEP 2: Get Connected

Take time to explore the website in detail


STEP 3: CISD Physical Requirements

STEP 4: Interested Pavilion Volunteers (work at the Pavilion to earn fair share)

Color Guard Families only

Percussion Families only




STEP 5 & 6: Ordering

(We will advise as items become available for purchase, but please read ahead and be prepared – some items require a quick turnaround)

STEP 7: CISD Volunteer Application

Year Round

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