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Band Notes & Emails

Band Notes (E-newsletter) is emailed every week during marching season (usually Mondays), but could be less frequent the rest of the year. Band Notes contains the schedule for upcoming games/competitions, calendar updates and other pertinent information you will need to know. Please look for Band Notes – it will be your lifeline! Other ad-hoc emails will also be issued as needed.

We use Mailchimp for email distribution. This is our primary method of communication and it is essential ALL parents receive these emails. Feel free to add as many email addresses as you wish to receive these emails at (a spouse email, a work email etc)

*(Occasionally, emails from Mailchimp may go into spam folders. One way to hopefully avoid this is to add the email address it is sent from to your contacts list).

Please click here to sign up to our mailchimp list



It is essential that parents and students join current year band app groups, in order to ensure receipt of all the latest information. We use the band app to issue information at short notice, provide reminders, issue polls or requests for information etc. Once you’ve joined a group, be sure to locate the calendar icon. (This calendar feeds through to the calendar webpage, if you prefer a ‘month at a time’ view, and it’s also possible to log on to BAND using a regular computer).

In order not to be overwhelmed with messages not particularly relevant to yourself, we advise you only request to join the groups reflective of your role. Students should consult their section leaders to verify if there is also a separate Band App group for their section. Download the app THEN click on the relevant group below.

* All join requests will be vetted – we require that you put your first AND last name. 

* Once approved, parents please list your role as “parent of …” and students please list your role as your instrument

* Make sure you have notifications set appropriately – you don’t want to miss out!


College Park Band Family private Social Media Group

We invite you to join our private band family Facebook group (click on logo). This is not a primary method of communication, more an informal place to connect, ask questions and share some band fun! (This is different to our public social media pages).

Public Social Media pages

Follow the fun! See recent achievements, events, students spotlights and more!



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