Ordering - Convenience Items

The majority of everything your family will need for marching season will be ordered/purchased in summer. The following items are OPTIONAL but most will only be available for a specific window of time – look out for that information being communicated. Download the checklist to track your purchases.



Keep our students hydrated post half-time shows and regional competitions by donating to help replenish our very low water stock.

$5 contributions can be made throughout the year.

Board members purchase water and provide directly to all students after the show.

Spirit Wear

Students and family members — show your support of our amazing band by wearing your CP Band swag! This is a great way to show your CP Band pride when supporting our band at games and competitions!  

The only opportunity to purchase spirit wear from outside vendors is during the required wear ordering period.

The CP Band Store may have additional items available throughout the year.

Items will be delivered to school for collection. Look out for communications on how/when.

Season Tickets

Tickets typically priced around $55

Reserve your seats by purchasing a College Park Football Season Ticket for all home games in the Center Section of the Woodforest Stadium, right next to the band! Not only do you benefit from comfortable, prime seating, you’re supporting the band program too! Season tickets are only open for a specified time-frame.

Option 1 - Pre-Sale


7/21/21 – 7/28/21

Tickets bought in the pre-sale will be available for collection from school. Look out for communications on how/when.


There will be a round 1 pre-sale during summer band, before season tickets are made available to the public. Pre-sale purchases should be made via our CP Band store. During round 1 sales, priority will be given to senior parents, then junior parents, sophomore parents and finally, freshmen parents (although we don’t think there is a bad seat!) Everyone will be able to request to sit next to their friends, right next to the band! We will make every effort to allocate seats based upon friend and location requests. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase tickets and sit with other band parents!

*2021 SEASON TICKETS ROUND 1 – We purchased tickets for the band parents starting mostly on Row 19 and moving on up to Row 32.  We also purchased tickets on the top rows (37-40) for those that prefer to sit up high or have family that need to take elevator up to avoid climbing too many stairs.

Option 2 - General Public Sale


8/2/21 – 8/20/21

(Individual game tickets will be available after that).

Tickets bought from CISD Ticketing will be emailed a QR code and instructions.


Once you are logged in to the CISD ticketing website, navigate to the upcoming football game and select “TICKETS.”  Select “HOME” and “SEASON”, then click “Seating” at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to a map where you can select from all remaining available seats in the middle of the stadium, Section 300. The purple section right next to Section 300 is where the band will sit!

A few notes:

  • Rows 1 through 15 do NOT have seat backs. You can still reserve these seats, but they will be on bleachers, instead of individual chairs with backs.
  • Seat 27 is the closest to the band on Rows 8-15 (with no seat backs.)
  • Seat 23 is the closest to the band on Rows 16-40.

Band Olympics

Entry typically priced around $55. The fee can be paid directly by participant to the team, or can be fundraised – e.g. bake sales, car washes, business donations. There is no physical ticket – students are checked in upon arrival.

(Sections may opt to design their own country T-shirts for the event – these are optional and may cost around $20. Co-orindated by section leaders)

(Gatorade/Director’s favorite drinks can be donated to section leaders for the tribute)

Band Olympics is a band fundraiser day that typically takes place towards the end of summer band camp, where sections compete in a variety of games to earn the coveted right to fly their flag in the band hall all year, dismiss first to eat game day meals and be first to unload instruments from the truck! These benefits should not be underestimated!

In and amongst summer band, section members work together to create their instrument-themed country name, design a. team shirt, design and create a flag, create a country profile, have fun taking pictures, and choreograph a routine! fun and friendly competition between band sections where they build friendships and teamwork through a Gatorade tribute to the Directors, fun games, and a lip-sync/air band competition! Raise funds and build bonds that inevitably roll over into cohesiveness on the field. Incoming Freshmen – this is a great opportunity to get to know your section better!

Parents are welcome to watch and we highly recommend the opening ceremonies and lip sync battle in particular – tickets only required for participating students.

Sample itinerary

2:00: Opening Ceremonies

2:15: Gatorade Tribute to the Gods (aka Directors)

2:45: Games (all teams are 8 participants and must include 1-2 freshmen)

  • Hungry Hippos
  • Shoe Hunt
  • Scooter Relay
  • Rock the House

5:00 Dinner (Pizza, cookies, water)

6:00: Lip Synce Battle (Country pictures will be shown as section sets up)

8:00: Awards and Closing Ceremony

Band Family BBQ

Ticket required for food – typically priced around $15pp

You will collect a ticket on the day, usually after the Band exhibition performance, which can then be exchanged for BBQ food.

Families are invited to come along and view the progress band has made during summer band camp and enjoy some time together at our annual BBQ Dinner. 

Don’t miss this exhibition performance – you will be AMAZED at what the students achieve in a short space of time! Enjoy brisket, sausage, two sides and bread as you mingle with the directors, students, and their families.

Enjoy brisket, sausage, two sides and bread as you mingle with the directors, students, and their families.PLEASE BRING A DESSERT TO SHARE!COOKIES, CUPCAKES OR BROWNIES ONLY(NO NUTS, PLEASE)

Game Day Meals

Game Day Meals are typically $8-10/meal and include a cold drink.

Families will be emailed an invoice & payment instructions after submitting their order.

Meals are delivered to school and will be individually labelled – student collects and eats their meal after run-through, according to Director instructions.

These are the meals the band eats before football games when students go straight from school to the game. Game day meals are not mandatory, but if you do not order any, you will have to supply your own meals on game days for the entire season. For away games, no one is allowed to leave campus to eat due to limited time. We strongly recommend that everyone order for at least all away games.

ALL students will need to complete an order form. Pick which weeks you want to order and alternate restaurants and meal selections if you wish. We will have confirmation lists of student selections, but it helps if students make a note to remind themselves what they ordered each week. (Volunteers are also welcome to place an order – the same deadline applies).

Band Photos

Typically priced around $20 for 1 or $30 for 2

After all photos have been processed, they will be uploaded to a new gallery, a password will be provided and you may view and decide what you would like to purchase. The image will be a high resolution digital copy of the photo (NO PRINTS). With this, you get a print release. This means if you want to get prints made (wherever) they may ask if you have the right to print the image, at which point you provide the print release.

We are fortunate to have Focus The Woodlands as a long-time CP Band sponsor take our group & individual band and guard photos, usually at the start of the school year. All students are required to attend for group pictures:
  • Full band (yes, all 300+ kids)
  • Senior group shot
  • Senior individuals (these will be used in the Senior ad)
  • Any underclassmen who want a portrait

Students will get dressed in the band hall immediately after school, and meet in the Commons dressed in formal marching uniform. Parents please TELL your child if you want an individual picture taking of them – we will only take pictures of students who stay for those, and won’t be forcing anyone to stay. Students may leave whenever they are done. 

Band Students will need to bring:
– long black socks
– black marching shoes
(*If student doesn’t yet have any marching shoes, solid black shoes or solid black socks are fine)

Guard Students
The Guard Director will determine what students should wear since their costume changes each year according to the show, and typically is not available so early in the season. Guard students will have an opportunity later in the year for pictures in their costumes.

Show Shirt

Typically priced around $20

Items will be delivered to school for collection. Look out for communications on how/when.

The shirt usually lists all band participant names and sponsors on the reverse, and a graphic from the this year’s show on the front.

Band and guard students (and parents!) often like to collect these shirts representing each show from their time in College Park band. Some enjoy wearing them for practice, and they are also extremely useful for wearing at competitions when not in uniform, as it makes it much easier to spot fellow Cavaliers!

FOR INFO - Remaining anticipated costs of optional items for year

Game tickets

$4.00 – $7.00

For families who wish to go along and support. Prices shown are the latest CISD pricing – other district pricing may vary.

Competition spectator tickets

$12.00 – $30.00

For families who wish to go along and support. Prices shown are for BOA competition spectator tickets (usually paid at the gate). 

Band Banquet tickets

$20.00 – $30.00

This event is held near the end of the year for band and guard members and their families and is a celebration of success as well as a goodbye to our seniors! All the family is welcome to attend. (Volunteers will also be needed nearer the time!) Available for purchase later in the school year.