Season Tickets 2022



Season tickets are for $55 for 5 HOME GAMES. Price is per individual. You can purchase AWAY games directly on the CISD ticketing website:

The purple section right next to Section 300 is where the band will sit!

We have purchased tickets for the band parents starting mostly on Row 19 and moving on up to Row 32.  We also purchased tickets on the top rows (37-40) for those that prefer to sit up high or have family that need to take elevator up to avoid climbing too many stairs.

A few notes:

  • Rows 1 through 15 do NOT have seat backs. You can still reserve these seats, but they will be on bleachers, instead of individual chairs with backs.
  • Seat 27 is the closest to the band on Rows 8-15 (with no seat backs.)
  • Seat 23 is the closest to the band on Rows 16-40.


Any questions, contact Traci Wood at

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