Fair Share

What is Fair Share? 

Running a competitive, first-class band program is expensive, and the program relies heavily on the financial and volunteer commitments of the Booster Club.  The Band Directors and the Booster Club determine a recommended donation (a “fair share”) for each individual student. This represents a proportionate amount to support the activities of the organization and represents ‘dues’. 

How is Fair Share tracked? 

The recommended individual donation amount is communicated at the start of the fiscal year (June 1).  Fair Share will be tracked by student. Parents will periodically be sent letters that detail the balance remaining after direct payments and volunteer hours contributed to-date. Parents can receive further updates by request.  

How do I pay my Fair Share?  

  1. Volunteering efforts – either in lieu of total payment, or in part-payment (See “Fair Share Opportunities”)
  2. Credit card (see “Make a Credit Card Payment” or “Set up a Payment Plan”)
  3. Check
    • Make checks payable to “College Park Cavalier Band Booster Club”
    • Checks may be dropped off in the “Black Box” outside the Director’s office in the band hall OR may be mailed directly to the AR Treasurer:
    • (Attn:  AR Treasurer, The Woodlands College Park Band Boosters, PO Box 8781 , The Woodlands, TX  77387) 

When is Fair Share due?

Fair Share payments are traditionally due June 15, July 15, August 15, September 15 and October 15 each year. As a courtesy to parents we now also offer PayPal subscriptions.

Importance of Fair Share

Whether you want to write a check or earn your Fair Share contribution by volunteering, there’s an opportunity for everyone to fully contribute to the success of the band!  Regardless of the way you choose to pay, it is important to remember everyone is responsible for paying 100% of their child(ren)’s Fair Share. It is VERY IMPORTANT for each payment to be made on time as the marching season is upon us and the majority of the funds collected are spent in the first three months. 

Make a Fair Share credit card payment

Pay your Fair Share in full, or make a one time payment.

Set up a Fair Share payment plan

We also offer automatic contributions via PayPal  “subscriptions”. PayPal subscriptions pro rate Fair Share payments over 5, 6, 8 or 10 months. Once you subscribe to a plan, the first amount will be withdrawn immediately. Subsequent contributions will be withdrawn monthly on the same calendar day as the initial payment. Plans are set up to stop contributions automatically.

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Fair Share Volunteer Opportunities

There are various volunteer opportunities throughout the year, that can be used to offset Fair Share. Actual hourly rates for these will be shared with volunteers AFTER each event has concluded – there are no guarantees of minimum rates. Any remaining Fair Share amount should be submitted by credit card or check, by the end of March latest.

  • Pavilion Concession Stand (MAR TO DEC)
  • Hosting BOA - N Houston (SEP)
  • Hosting UIL Solo & Ensemble (FEB)
  • Hosting Twirl in the Woods (DEC)/Southwest Regional Championships (APR)


Working at the Pavilion is an excellent opportunity to get involved, hear some great music, meet other band parents, people-watch and earn “Fair Share” dollars in the process! It’s a great group of folks and many enjoy working The Pavilion well after their Fair Share obligation is complete! Aramark, the company that runs the concessions at the Pavilion, allows non-profit organizations such as ours to man a booth in return for a percentage of the sales, and it has given us the poitential to raise a phenomenal amount of funds.The Pavilion season runs from March through December with plenty of opportunities for many members. We require anywhere between 10-15 people at every event!

The Pavilion is an important part of our Booster Club particularly for those that prefer to volunteer to earn Fair Share rather than write a check. It is the best opportunity to earn Fair Share dollars in that there are many events, on many days of the week, over the course of eight months. When you have the time, we can find an event for you to work!

Our commitment to The Pavilion doesn’t stop when everyone has earned his or her Fair Share dollars. We must staff every event, at every position, in order to keep our booth for the following season. We could use your help and it really is a fun time working with, and getting to know, fellow band parents!You can work as a cashier, a cook, or a runner.

Interested? The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) must certify you to serve alcohol. The classroom training is periodically offered, usually early-to-mid season, but can also be taken online. The classroom training at the Pavilion is free and the online class is typically less than $20 (currently $12.00). Go to www.learn2serve.com for information about online training or to get certified. The certification lasts for 2 years. We do need a copy of your certificate so be sure to print it and give it to the Pavilion Coordinator.

Pavilion volunteers will need to purchase a College Park Band hat & Aramark polo shirt and wear khaki pants and black tennis shoes. 

Interested volunteers will want to log in and refer to the "Pavilion Volunteers Area" for more detailed information.



We host the Bands of America North Houston Regional Championship - there are many volunteer/Fair Share opportunities available on the day! Look out for information regarding sign-ups nearer the time.



We host the UIL Solo & Ensemble competition in the school gymnasiums, and we staff the concessions stand.  This is an easy Fair Share opportunity and historically has a very high hourly rate. (The concessions stand profits are divided by total parent hours worked to get the $/hour rate for each parent who volunteers). If you have some Fair Share to work off, this is your chance!





We host the Twirl in the Woods and Southwest Regional Championships competition in the school gymnasiums, and we staff the concessions stand.  (When held in December it is "Twirl in the Woods", when held in March/April, it is the "Southwest Regional Championship"). This is an easy Fair Share opportunity,  and historically has a very high hourly rate. (The concessions stand profits are divided by total parent hours worked to get the $/hour rate for each parent who volunteers). If you have some Fair Share to work off, this is your chance! 



Tax Deductible!

Each contribution is a 501 ( c ) (3) tax deduction – email to obtain a receipt.