Marching season is competitive! This means we practice... a LOT. it starts before the school year even begins!

What do I need to bring to camp?

* Instrument – with name tag on case (band students) and concert instrument for masterclasses at summer band

* Any music issued by Directors in wallets in a black binder

* Full 64oz water jug – with name on!

* Snacks & money/food for lunch

* Small backpack/bag to keep anything you’re not wearing or carrying in fanny pack (ex. food, extra sunscreen/bug repellant)

* Fanny pack to hold:

> Portable battery charger (band students)

> Phone/smart gadget with these apps downloaded (band students);

  • Band App
  • UDB Pro
  • TE Tuner
  • Dropbox downloaded 

      Frequently Asked Questions | Ultimate Drill Book TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome: Appstore for Android     Dropbox: A cheat sheet - TechRepublic

Percussion Info

In spring, percussionists should also bring:

* Black 1″ binder (with outside plastic sheet cover)

* 50+ sheet protectors

* Pencil Bag

* 2 mechanical pencils

* 5 dividers

* Tonal Energy (Metronome/tuner app)

* Ear buds (any cheap brand will do)


* Marimba Mallets – Innovative Percussion IP240’s – 2 pairs

* Stick/mallet bag – Innovative Percussion Cordura Mallet Tour Bag MB-1


* Practice pad – Offworld Invader V3 – Dark matter surface (Black or red)


* Multi height practice pad stand – Lone Star percussion concert height snare practice pad stand

* Marching snare sticks – Innovative percussion FS-JC Jim Casella signature marching snare stick

This equipment is needed to create the best technique and establish correct muscle memory. These practice pads have a rim like a true marching/concert drum. The size of this pad (14″) enables it to fit snugly into the stand. Other pads are smaller and tend to tilt/move in the stands, making it impossible to drum correctly. Stands hold the pad at the correct height for the proper technique. Many kids will sit their practice pad on their lap or on a bed/chair which causes bad technique/hand position.

What do I need to wear to camp?

* T-shirt

* Shorts

* Sneakers (no high tops or hiking boots)

* Socks

* Hat

* Sunglasses

* Sun block/sunscreen

* Bug repellent

What about school-owned instruments?

School owned instruments WILL be available from the spring camps onwards, though the maintenance fee of $75.00 is not due until school starts in August. This fee is paid through your student account in the School’s cash on-line store. These instruments include;



Bass Clarinet


Tenor and Baritone Saxophone

French Horn



Euphonium and Marching Baritone

Bass Trombone


Spring camps



This is for all incoming freshmen percussionists focusing on fundamentals, and is usually held 2 days/week in April at Knox.

Percussion Experience PAD Camp – MANDATORY

This is for all current and incoming percussionists focusing on fundamentals, and is usually held 2 days/week in May at College Park.

Full Band & Guard

New Member Camp – MANDATORY

This is a short 3-evening camp for all new & incoming 9th grade band students and all current 9/10/11 graders who will be continuing in band next school year. Usually held in May, this is a great introduction to marching for incoming students, and allows students to meet Directors and their new peers. It is a great reminder to work on conditioning before marching season!

Summer camps


Guard camp 1 – MANDATORY

This is a 1 week full day camp for all guard students, usually held in the first week of summer.

Guard camp 2 – MANDATORY

This is a 1 week full day camp for all guard students, usually held the week prior to summer band camp.


Percussion camp 1 – MANDATORY

This is a 1 week full day camp for all percussionists, usually held in the first week of summer.

Percussion camp 2 – MANDATORY

This is a 1 week full day camp for all percussionists, usually held the week prior to summer band camp.

Full Band & Guard

4th July Parade – OPTIONAL

ALL band students in town are encouraged to attend a run through on July 3rd, and the 4th July parade. We are representing College Park High School in this large community event. 

Summer Band Camp – MANDATORY

This is a 2-3 week camp for full band and guard, held towards the end July and goes into August, right before school starts. Masterclasses may also be incorporated into the schedule (at no additional cost). These are smaller group lessons, instructed by private lesson teachers, and are given by section. They provide valuable instruction to prepare for Region Band try-outs. Summer camp involves long hot days, some evenings and some Saturdays in August. Summer camp is required to be considered for a marching spot. No marching means no PE credit. For a sample summer band itinerary, see below (may vary year to year).


7:00am -11:00am – Outside rehearsal
11:00am -12:30pm – Lunch on your own
12:30pm -2:00pm – Masterclasses inside (all athletes unable to participate in marching band are expected to participate)
2:00pm – 5:00pm  Inside rehearsal


9:00am – 4:00pm – Masterclasses throughout the day on specified days. Only an hour and a half for each section and that will be determined by the schedule of the teacher. These times will be shared closer to camp starting.

5:00pm – 9:00pm – Outside rehearsal with a 15-20 minute break to eat something nutritious brought from home. Students will NOT be able to leave campus during this break.

*Often, summer band coincides with school orientations. Band students will have the opportunity to attend orientation, usually during their lunch break.

Look out for communications from school with updates concerning dates and times!

INTERCOM: “Football practice cancelled due to intense rain…… Marching Band practice extended due to sudden availability of field” Anonymous